Allison Ammunition

9mm 115gr HP

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9mm 115gr HP Precision Remanufactured Ammo
  • Projectile: X-Treme Bullets 115gr Hollow Point
  • Casing: Once Fired, Cleaned, Polished, Roll Sized
  • Powder: Hodgdon
  • Primer: Federal 100
  • Velocity: 1075 fps
    • STDEV: 22 fps

Allison Ammunition brass is wet tumbled and polished with stainless steel media, heat dried at annealing temperature, then roll sized and hand inspected multiple times throughout the process. 

All ammo is reloaded according to SAAMI specifications using a commercial progressive press with the highest quality products and components available. All completed ammunition goes through rigorous visual inspection as well as SAAMI checking blocks to ensure the best quality product.